Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If You Don’t Believe in Evolution Please Stop Taking Antibiotics and Pray Instead

One of the things that bothers me the most is when people confronted with overwhelming logic, reason, and evidence, then dismiss all of this because it interferes with previous notions that they happen to be comfortable with. Evolution is one of these things and the rest of us who know better often let people get away with calling it a theory and denying its existence because it’s easier. Fortunately, I’m an asshole.

Evolution is real and I know this because it can be seen happening in real time. Bacteria reproduce at an exceptionally fast rate, this allows them to adapt to external stimuli (i.e. antibiotics) and pass down successful DNA after multiple generations. This is why the same antibiotics that worked 40 years ago are no longer as effective. The bacteria that had good traits and were resistant to antibiotics passed down DNA, thus creating a more resistant population of bacteria.

Many people are unaware or just ignore the bacteria example and point to the missing link as an example as to why evolution is fake. Yes, there are missing examples in the trail of evidence that took place over millions of years but if there are two broken links in a chain lying 50 feet long is it reasonable to assume that the chain never existed as a whole? Fuck no. It makes sense that there would be holes in a theory that took place over millions of years and it also makes sense that species that were not particularly well adapted (missing link) would not procreate all that successfully and there just wouldn’t be that many of them in fossilized evidence.

Now some people are so pathological in there beliefs that they would say these are all just tests put here by God. Don’t you think that God has something better two do then come up with such elaborate tests? I mean with all the suffering in the world and God is just sitting there thinking up ways to fuck with your belief system? Sounds like kind of a dick to me.

Evolution is an ongoing process and that process is fact. Individual parts of the process may be theories and they may be unanswered but that shouldn’t discount the mountains of evidence supporting the factual process that is occurring. Darwin was a man of extreme religious faith until he saw evidence that persuaded him otherwise. He evolved.

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